Why pray to saints when you can pray directly to God?

Some Protestant Christians object that praying to a saint is pointless: Why go through a middle-man when you have direct access to God himself?

The objection is based on a poor understanding of prayer. It presupposes that prayer means asking things of God. (“Why get someone else to ask on your behalf when you can do the asking yourself?”) But prayer is not about getting things out of God. Prayer is about developing a relationship with Jesus Christ. And part of developing a deep relationship with anyone is getting to know that person’s family.

It would be weird, and downright insulting, if you were to flat-out refuse to get to know the family members of your best friend or of your significant other. Our relationship with Jesus Christ should be the most important one in our lives, and so we should prioritize getting to know Jesus’s heavenly family: namely Mary, his mother; Joseph, his foster-father; and the saints in heaven, who are his adopted brothers and sisters.

Our relationship with Jesus would be stunted and unnatural if we were to refuse to also develop relationships with those in heaven who are nearest and dearest to him.

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